Jump Fitness

Did you know that 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes on the treadmill

If you think jumping on a trampoline is child’s play, think again. Trampoline classes are popping up in gyms across the country. Join 21 jump Street trainers at our Jump Fitness classes!!!!

Plus, trampolining improves your balance, gets your heart rate up, and can boost cardio better than 33 minutes of running. Since trampolining reduces impact by 40 percent, it allows you to work out harder and recover faster since your body isn't getting as beat up as it would doing impact exercises on the ground.

Jump Fitness

Get ready to jump! You can burn 160 calories in half an hour of jumping on 21 Jump Street’s trampolines, and its low-impact, too.

Monthly membership which entitles you to unlimited 30 minute fitness classes. Classes are high-intensity and low impact with proven results. Classes run:

Monday – Friday 08:00am – 09:00am / 2 x classes 30 minute sessions
Monday – Thursday 6:00pm – 7:00pm / 2 x classes 30 minute sessions
Saturday – 08:00am – 09:00 / 2 x classes 30 minute sessions

Bookings subject to availability, only 12 person per session

Monday – Friday 14:00am – 15:00am / 2 x classes 30 minute sessions

Monthly Membership

Adults: R350 pm
Kids: R275 pm

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