Q: What are your operating hours?
Please call us for current operating hours as they change throughout the year.
Check our Book Now page and our home page for special holiday hours and sold out dates which will be posted throughout the year.

Q: How old do you have to be to jump at 21 Jump Street?
You must be old enough to walk. Our separate Jump Jr. area is just for children ages 2 through 6 and features its own trampoline court and foam pits.

Q: Are reservations required?
You do not have to make a reservation in advance, however we strongly recommend it to avoid being closed out of a desired time slot.

Q: What do I wear on my feet in order to jump?
You can purchase reusable special non-slip socks. Our special non-slip socks are required.

Q: Do you have cubbies for storing personal items?
We do have open cubbies where you can store your shoes, jackets, etc., and we have lockers, however, we HIGHLY recommend leaving any expensive or valuable jewelry, clothing, and footwear at home, while we have cameras installed, we cannot be responsible for any items left behind or not locked up.

Q: Is there an entrance fee for people that just want to stay and watch such as family members or friends?
No, friends and family members are welcome to stay and watch the fun, enjoy our lounge and healthy snack bar!

Q: Can I bring in outside food or drink?
At this time we are not able to allow outside snacks or drinks to be brought into the facility. The one exception is if you have purchased a birthday party package for your celebration.

Q: Can a group reserve the entire facility?
Yes! Please call for details. 011 682 1657

Q: How will I know my jump time is over?
Everyone jumping receives a color coded wristband. This wristband coincides with the jumping time you have reserved and our court monitors will let you know when your time has been completed. For members of parties and groups, announcements will be made over the loudspeaker directing the group to the reserved party area when their jump time has ended.

Q: Is 21 Jump Street Air Conditioned?
Yes! And we have installed enormous ceiling fans which make the bouncing environment cool and comfortable.

Q: Is 21 Jump Street a franchise?
Yes! If you would like to know about opening your own 21 Jump Street franchise, please call Justin Williams at 011 682 1657.

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